Capsule Curtain 10x25 RGB LED - clear
Capsule Curtain 10x25 RGB LED - clear


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Twinkly PRO - Capsule Curtain 10x25 RGB LED - clear

250 RGB PLC Capsule 10 drops by 25 pixels curtain, 8 cm (pixel spacing) by 10 cm (drops spacing), transparent wire

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“Capsule curtain” made with 10 2-meter-long drops each of 25 addressable and app-controllable LEDs, designed for extraordinary brightness and color quality in over 16 million shades.

Twinkly PRO Capsule Curtain requires a Twinkly PRO Power Line Controller (Ethernet) or Twinkly PLUS Power Line Controller (Wi-Fi) for operation and configuration via the Twinkly App. The robust transparent LEDs are IP65 certified, more solid but flexible at the same time.
Transparent cable.


  • LED profiles: RGB
  • Cable colors: transparent
  • Number of LED: 250 | 10 x 25
  • Cable length: 5 m
  • Length with lights: 1 x 2 m
  • Spacing of wires: 10 cm
  • LEDs spacing: 8 cm
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