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VMB - TL-A220

Line Array lift, 5.5 m/220kg, Black

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The TL-A220 towerlift has been designed for lifting line array audio systems from the ground and keep them fix at high altitude. It has 2 special aluminum straps fixed from the legs to the aluminum base section to reinforced the body of the lifter.

This lifting tower is very compact and easy to handle, it has 4 swivel wheels at the base. It fits through a door.

It has powerful stabilizers in the legs, to level the lifter in difficult terrains, with slight slope.

Black finish, with epoxy powder paint to the oven, which offers great resistance (The towerlift can be painted in the desired color, under prior request).

It has two adjustable steel load forks that support the load, either supported on top of it, or hung underneath.

VMB offers you a wide range of accessories, which combined with this lifter allows you to increase its unlimited number of applications. One of the most used accessories, for example, is the FAS-01, which is used to hang Line Array audio systems in a fast and effortless way.

The TL-A220 features the ALS Red locks of VMB, which automatically blocks each section while lifting. And the inertial pendulum ILS safety system for the aluminum lifting carriage. It also has the special SRS Retentor system, patented by VMB, which guarantees that the towerlift will raise the aluminum sections orderly and automatically.

VMB offers you a 2-year warranty and stock of spare parts for 5 years. In addition we have our own factory in Spain, where we offer service to review and repair your lifter.

  • Max. height 5.5 m (18′)
  • Max. Load 220 Kg (485 lb)
  • Safety ALS auto-lock
  • Work surface 2.1 x 1.6m (6.9 x 5.2′)
  • Folded height 1.72m (5.6′)
  • Winch 900 Kg
  • Adaptor 0.75 m Array Forks included
  • Weight 111Kg (244.7lb)
  • Color black
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