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Audiophony - PACK GO-HEAD-F5

GO-HEAD microphone + GO-BODY +  GO-MONO - 500 MHz

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Détails du produit

Système de radio microphone sans fil composé d'un émetteur de poche GO-Body avec microphone serre-tête GO-Head et d'un récepteur GO-Mono, 16 fréquences sélectionnables dans la gamme de fréquences 514-542 MHz, sortie symétrique (XLR) et asymétrique (Jack 6.35 mm), montage en rack en option.

GOMono-F5 receiver
• 16 UHF frequenciess
• Frequency range: UHF 514~542 MHz (4G compatible)
• The Diversity system ensures a perfect reception
• Adjustable Squelch to absorb interferences
• You can use up to 4 receivers at the same time (4 mic)
• Adjustable antennas (front)
• Average range in perfect conditions: 70m
• Outputs: balanced XLR3-M and 6.35 mm TS-F unbalanced jack
• Use FREE-RACK to stack them in racks (optional)
• Dimensions: 130 x 36 x 92 mm

GOBody-F5 transmitter
• Must be combinedWith a tie-clip or headband GO series microphone and a GO-MONO receiver
• High-quality electret microphone
• THD: <1% at 1 kHz 
• Input: mini XLR3-F
• 2 sensitivity modes: line or micro
• OperatesWith 2x1.5V type AA batteries
• Must be combined With a tie-clip or headband GO series microphone and a GO-MONO receiver
• Dimensions: 237 x 58 mm

GOHead headband microphone
• Headband microphone only. Must be combinedWith a GO-BODY transmitter and a GO-MONO receiver
• Mini XLR3-F connector
• SuppliedWith a microphoneWindshield and an adjustable headband 
• Unidirectional electret 
• Frequency response: 100 Hz at 16 kHz
• S/N: > 60dB
• Impedance: 2.2 kohm

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