The field of accessories is definitely one of the sectors where offers the widest selection. Be it multi-use adhesive tapes, cables, connectors and any other tools for sound systems, lighting fixtures and video systems, you can be certain to find it in the extensive catalogue. There is gaffer tape, prefeabricated cables, bulk cable, multimedia connectors, PowerCON, BNC, EtherCON RJ45, SpeakON, XLR, RCA, mini-jack, stereo jack, mono jack and any other type of connector on the market.

In our catalogue you will find:

  • a large variety of professional adhesive tape
  • RCA connectors
  • a variety of jack connectors
  • XLR connectors
  • IP based network connectors
  • speakON connectors
  • powercON connectors

About professional adhesive tapes
Adhesive tapes for professional use are essential and should always be present in every technician's kit. They are simple products but have unique and special characteristics that differentiate them from tapes for common use. Gaffer tape, for example, is an adhesive layer joined by a canvas layer, which gives it excellent sealing characteristics as well as great strength. Gaffer tapes come in all sizes and colours and are used to fix cables, to mark positions, to join two materials in a temporary or permanent manner, and in all situations where a quick and functional intervention is required. A key characteristic of good Gaffer Tape is that it does not leave a sticky residue when removed. offers Gaffer Tape, Phosphor Tape, Exhibition Tape, Warning Tape, Packing Tape, Dance Floor Tape, Labelling Tape, Masking Tape, Electrical Tape, Velcro and more.

While it is essential to have high-quality cables in your inventory and in your systems, it is equally important to use solid and reliable connectors. Connectors are used to interconnect all manner of equipment: audio, video, lighting, data networks and, last but not least, to supply electrical power to run that equipment. In the professional and consumer market there is an almost infinite number of types of connectors, but the first thing to know is that there is always a "male" and a "female" connector, designed in such a way that it is impossible to confuse them. Furthermore, the connectors are always made in such a way that there is a solid mechanical coupling between the two types of male and female to prevent sudden disconnections. For this reason, the quality of the materials and the construction are very important and make all the difference between a shoddy product and a professional one.



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