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Audio Pro

When we talk about Professional Audio, you can't compromise! For this reason Ribalto has selected, over the years, a range of products suitable for every need. You will find Intelligent network Switches for AV over IP, active and passive audio systems, sources, mixers, signal processors, solid-state media recorders, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, intercoms, audio interfaces and a wide choice of dynamic and condenser microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, 100 V distributed audio systems, matrix for fixed installation, all kinds of accessories and much more.

What are the fundamental characteristics to take into consideration when choosing?

In Professional Audio at least three key requirements are essential which we have always considered essential for the success of your work: quality, reliability and scalability. We have selected products that meet these characteristics and that take into account other important factors such as weight, size and, why not, the quality/price ratio.

Here's what you can find in our catalogue:

  • Intelligent network Switches for AV over IP
  • PA systems for audio diffusion in small spaces up to large systems for the amplification of concert halls, theatres, auditoriums, stadiums, etc.
  • Systems for fixed installations in restaurants, dance clubs, cinemas, shops, shopping centres, places of worship
  • Systems for musical groups, bands, DJ sets
  • Advanced mixing and signal management systems, both analog and digital
  • Analog and digital signal processors
  • Integrated amplifiers and main power amplifiers.

Do you want to choose the right audio system or a mixer for your needs or find the microphone that best enhances your voice or your instrument?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is what your needs are! Amplifying a square is not equivalent - for example - to design a system for sound diffusion in a room. Once your real needs have been understood, the Ribalto team will be able to advise you in the best possible way, providing you with technicians with years of experience in the specific field and thus allowing you to choose from a rich and always updated catalog of products.

Programmable network switches
Each digital transmission and control protocol has very specific needs at the network level. Our Ethernet switches allow you to connect, in optical fiber or copper, any type of AV over IP device with speeds from 1 to 10 Gbps for all cases where it is necessary to use the Dante, Ravenna, AES 67, CobraNet, AVB, Artnet, NDI, EtherSound etc protocols. The possibility of keeping the audio, video and lighting networks separate, together with the potential of the management software, satisfy the different needs of our customers. Typical applications range from fixed installations in stadiums, sports halls, museums, theatres, auditoriums, theme parks, corporate meeting rooms, radio/television studios and OB vans to touring installations for traveling events such as concerts, live events, PA.


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