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Ribalto is one of Europe's largest online professional entertainment products shops. Our passionate team, composed by sound engineers, video technicians, video operators, light designers and more, is always ready to help you choose the right product for your requirements and getting the best out of it.

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Ribalto combines an extraordinary level of technical knowledge through the know-how of those who work in the field every day, together with a detailed and accurate selection of the very best brands available on the market.

We always strive to offer the best products at the best price and we pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ requests, keeping a close relationship with them and, most importantly, understanding and learning from their hunger and desire for knowledge and experimentation in this ever growing industry.

With over 15,000 items readily available in our spacious and extensive European warehouses and with a very strong and reliable logistics centre, we are structured to rapidly deliver your products with maximum efficiency.

Our service does not end with the selection of the best brands and an efficient logistics service but continues with passion and a great attention to customer service and after-sales. Our customer service department is dedicated to support our customers and to guide them in finding the best solutions for their requirements. Our after-sales department is committed to help find the best available assistance and to answer any after-sales related enquiries.

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Ribalto. Only the best brands and products on the market.

We personally test our products and select only the best and most professional brands.

In this ever demanding and evolving industry, Ribalto has established itself as a market leader. We have achieved this success through constant research of innovative and practical products, and by offering services to technicians and creatives who are becoming increasingly attentive to the selection of winning technologies.

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