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In-Ear Monitoring Systems

An IEM (In-Ear Monitor) system, as the name implies, is a type of monitoring system for singers and musicians that uses earphones inserted directly into the ear. These systems have become very popular in recent years and allow very precise listening and, above all, to avoid the use of bulky and noisier wedge monitors. These systems involve the use of customised earphones that fit the ear perfectly, thanks to the possibility of constructing made-to-measure moulds. One of the many advantages of IEM systems is that they maintain lower sound pressure levels on stage, reducing hearing damage to artists and facilitating the work of the FoH and monitor sound engineers. They are also able to provide the musician with high-definition listening with perfect stereo imaging - or three-dimensional imaging for an immersive experience in systems that support it - along with reduced visual impact; in fact, the earpieces are much more discreet than large headphones. In the Ribalto catalogue we have various In-Ear Monitor systems, from custom-made professional products to more economical but still very functional systems, so that every musician and singer can find their ideal personal listening system.

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