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When voice recording with your smartphone no longer meets the quality and flexibility required within a professional world, it's time to turn to a dedicated voice recorder.

The main difference between a smartphone - born and designed for an entirely different purpose and use - and an audio recorder, relates to the ability of the audio recorder to capture high quality sound. This is achieved thanks to dedicated microphone capsules, working alongside the ability to record in a variety of formats, providing both the flexibility and quality required by the industry, as well as the convenience of portable recording.

The configuration of these microphone capsules, often arranged in stereo, guarantees a more truthful and accurate recording. In doing so, voice recorders often capture the many nuances of sound that would be lost by a microphone with a smaller and cheaper capsule. Voice recorders then allow this captured sound to be recorded in a range of different digital formats, ranging from compressed .mp3, .ogg and .wma formats, through to maximum quality recordings at 24-bit, or up to 96Khz.

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