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Low Smoke Effects

The low smoke effect is a smoke machine with the distinctive and sought-after characteristic of producing dense, heavy fog that spreads quickly across the floor, producing that typical 'mysterious' effect. This is a very popular and versatile effect that is used in rock concerts, DJ events, theatrical performances and musicals, but also in television and film. The 'secret' behind this effect is the sudden cooling of the fluid into vapour droplets. A low fog machine usually creates an intense burst of fog rather than a more subtle and constant diffusion like a hazer machine. The effect of a low fog machine is similar to that of a smoke machine, and both are designed to create a high-impact effect, while a haze machine is designed to emphasise other effects such as beams of light or lasers. The Ribalto team has gained a lot of experience over the years in this specific field and can always guide you in making the right choice.

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