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Home Audio

The Home Audio category, even if it has greatly reduced in recent years, remains quite broad as it primarily includes Hi-Fi and Home Theater products: turntables, media players, CD players (which, with the affirmation of the "liquid" music, they are less and less widespread), preamplifiers and main amplifiers, speakers and headphones on the one hand, Blu Ray players, HT receivers, satellites, center channels and subwoofers on the other.

The concept of "hi-fi system" as it was once conceived, however, has been almost totally lost (with the exception of a niche called "hi-end" where turntables and other esoteric products proliferate) and the new generations prefer, also for economic reasons, personal audio, i.e. highly performing portable systems, often battery-powered, to accompany them at private parties or evenings on the beach. And, similarly, complex home theater systems with 10 speakers, including center channel and subwoofer, with exceptions have given way to soundbars.

Then there are portable stereos (the heirs of the big compact stereo of the 80s), tabletop DAB radios, boom boxes, streaming devices, etc.

Ribalto has within its catalog a large assortment of products called portable audio, which mainly includes Bluetooth speakers, characterized by a very competitive quality/price ratio but is able to satisfy even a niche of enthusiasts, audiophiles, who have always been looking for great audio quality in minimalist products. As? With the integrated tube amplifiers, capable of recreating a "warm" but faithful sound in a special atmosphere.

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