When it comes to structures for professional entertainment, it means everything needed to construct and support stages and roofing systems or simply elevate and suspend sound, lighting and video systems. These include towers, trussing, chain hoists, lifting systems, stage decks, risers and much more. In this field, the quality of the materials and safety are of vital importance, and for this reason has chosen the products from the most important manufacturers over the years.

Structures and safety:

Structures and lifting systems are regularly used in concerts, theatres, conventions, television and any other situation where it is necessary to build stages, static or dynamic structures, to lift loudspeakers for sound or spotlights for lighting and much more. It is essential that high-quality materials are used and often aluminium is preferred to other metals due to its characteristics of lightness and strength. Welding and joints also play an extremely important role and contribute to an excellent product.

Throughout the world, there are numerous different legislative codes governing the use and sale of such structures, though unfortunately these regulations are not always respected in the market, creating potentially dangerous situations for the safety of equipment and people. Thanks to our team of experts and product specialists, is here again in a position to consult with customers and propose the best products on the market.

We offer a complete line of:

  • flat trusses
  • box trusses
  • motorised hoists
  • manual chain hoists
  • roofs  
  • wind up tower lifters
  • truss towers 
  • flying towers

What do you need to know about structures and staging? 

The field of structures is obviously very diversified and also includes all the accessories necessary for assembly and rigging. For several years now, trusses have been made of aluminium, which is preferable to steel, due to the fact that they weigh up to three times less and are almost maintenance-free. Trusses can be classified according to their shape or cross section – flat trusses, triangular trusses and square trusses – and according to their size, typically 22x22 cm, 29x29 cm or 40x40 cm. In addition to the classic linear sections, there are also curved trusses to allow for a wide variety of creative shapes and solutions.


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