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When we talk about Structures in the world of professional entertainment it means everything needed to construct and support stages and roofing systems or simply elevate and suspend sound, lighting and video systems. These include towers, trussing, chain hoists, lifting systems, stage decks, risers, barriers and much more. A sector in which the quality of materials and safety are of vital importance and, precisely for this reason, the choice that Ribalto has made over the years is aimed at products belonging to the most important brands on the market.

Facilities and safety

The structures and lifting systems are regularly used in concerts, theater performances and in setting up television studios and in all situations where it is necessary to build stages, static or dynamic structures, hoist audio system line arrays and subwoofers or fixtures for lighting. It is important that high quality materials are used and aluminum is often preferred to other metals due to its characteristics of lightness and resistance. Welds and connections also play a very important role and contribute to creating an excellent product.
Throughout the world, different legislative codes governing the use and sale of such structures, even if unfortunately these constraints are not always respected, with the risk of running into situations that are really risky for the safety of equipment and people. [sitename], thanks to a team of experts and product specialists, is once again able to advise and offer the best products on the market.

In our catalog you will find:

  • Flat trusses
  • Box trusses
  • Motorised and manual chain hoists
  • Roofs  
  • Wind up tower lifters
  • Truss towers 
  • Flying towers

How to orient yourself in the world of structures?

This field is certainly very diversified and also includes all those accessories that are used for the assembly and rigging of the various parts. Trusses have been made of aluminum for several years, preferable to steel, thanks to a weight that is up to three times less and the almost maintenance-free. Trusses can be classified according to the shape - flat trusses, triangular trusses and square trusses - and according to their size, typically 22 x 22, 29 x 29, 40 x 40 cm. In addition to the classic linear shapes, there are also curved ones to allow for a wide variety of creative shapes and solutions.


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