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Professional Lighting

The world of professional lighting is definitely one of the most interesting in recent years. Motorized moving head lights, LED PAR, profilers, Fresnel, battery operated fixtures, theater and key lights, LED barsand more, lighting consoles, DMX mixers, lighting controllers, intelligent lighting systems and a wide catalog of lamps, stands, flight-cases, hanging systems and any other accessory may be necessary to create professional lighting systems. 

What does it mean to talk about professional lighting systems today?

It is an empirical definition that tends to differentiate this sector from consumer lighting systems used in everyday life. The professional lighting sector is certainly in continuous development and seemingly different fields often converge. An example? Professional lights for the world of entertainment and architectural lighting, together with lasers, video projection, video mapping, etc. initially used in live shows, have also found wide use in the world of fixed installations in museums, shops, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. This is why it is very important to rely on a competent supplier with extensive experience. Ribalto has a constantly expanding and updating catalog where you can find the state of the art of technology. 

Among our products we include:

  • Motorized fixtures (wash, spot or beam)
  • LED PAR and profilers, Fresnel
  • Intelligent lighting systems
  • Light controller
  • Lighting console
  • Cables and wiring

What are the most interesting technologies and tools in the world of professional lighting?

Without any doubt, LED lamps, which have now supplanted incandescent or gas lamps, revolutionizing the entire sector. 
In the artistic and creative sphere, LED lighting in fact brings considerable advantages, first of all, high energy efficiency, reaching consumption up to 90% lower than traditional lights, while offering a much longer lamp life at the same time.
Not only that: the choice of using LED lights guarantees also the total freedom of design customization that allows creativity to express itself without limits, but also high color rendering, dynamic color control, reduced maintenance costs, instantaneous start-up of the systems and eco-sustainability.

Ribalto represents leading brands in the sector, regularly employed in international productions and prestigious projects. Our team of product specialists, with strong and proven experience in the world of professional lighting, will certainly be able to assist you in choosing products and technologies.

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