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Professional Lighting

Professional Lighting

The Pro Lighting sector has become one of the most exciting sectors for us in recent years: LED fixtures, architectural luminaires, intelligent and moving lights, DMX controllers, consoles and processors, the ArtNet protocol and a vast catalogue of accessories and spare parts such as lamps, stands, flight cases, rigging systems and all the other accessories needed for pro lighting. 

What exactly is Professional Lighting?

This is a somewhat empirical description that attempts to differentiate this sector from all that is consumer, domestic and lighting that is otherwise used in day-to-day life. Professional lighting is indeed a rapidly evolving sector, in which seemingly disparate sectors often converge. A classic example is professional entertainment lighting and architectural lighting, which share technologies such as LED fixtures, laser projection systems, videomapping, DMX consoles, ArtNet networks, etc. Initially used in live shows, these technologies now see extensive use in fixed installations in museums, businesses, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. This is why it is essential to choose a competent and experienced supplier. boasts a portfolio of state-of-the-art technology, which is constantly being expanded and updated. 

In our catalogue you can find:

  • moving-head fixtures 
  • conventional incandescent PAR cans 
  • LED PARs
  • lighting consoles and controllers 
  • lasers 
  • theatre luminaires
  • spot, wash, and beam fixtures
  • cables and wiring

What are the most interesting technologies and tools in the professional lighting sector?

Doubtlessly, LED source technology is of paramount significance. Although it has not completely replaced incandescent or discharge lamps, it has certainly revolutionised the entire industry. LEDs are highly energy-efficient, consuming up to 90% less power than conventional lamps and, at the same time, they offer a much longer source life. This inevitably translates into significant savings to the user. Moving-head fixtures currently play a primary role in any self-respecting show or installation. Depending on the type of beam they emit, these can be loosely categorised as wash, spot, beam or hybrid fixtures, the latter of which can widen or concentrate the beam as required. The precision of their movements and, especially, their reliability are of paramount importance. has industry-leading brands in our catalogue, used regularly on international productions and prestigious projects. Our team of Product Specialists with strong and proven experience in the world of pro lighting can support you in your choice of products and technologies.

Ring & Personal Key Lights

Elgato - Elgato Key Light Mini
Elgato Key Light Mini

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