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Special Effects

Special Effects

Special effects include the spectacular use of flame effects, confetti cannons, bubbles and dry ice, foam cannons and anything else that gives that extra thrill to a show. These are perfect for concerts, public events, broadcast productions, corporate presentations and conventions, weddings, parties, and many other events. At the same time, all this equipment must be used and operated in complete safety and, by its very nature, must never in any way represent a risk to operators and performers.
For this reason, over the years has selected brands and technology that respect all relevant patents and are compliant with the highest quality and safety standards. 

We have a selection of effects that includes:

  • C02 jets
  • flame effects and fire fountains
  • cold spark fountains
  • smoke and haze machines
  • low fog machines
  • snow effects 
  • confetti effects
  • streamer effects
  • spare parts and consumables

What do you need to know about operating safely in the world of special visual effects? 

Special effects represent a very diversified field and the market is teeming with low-quality products and improvised suppliers. If they are unreliable and non-compliant with the relevant regulatory standards, products such as flame effects, CO2 jets, spark effects and fire fountains can be truly dangerous.

This is why, once again, it is important to rely on a qualified and experienced partner in the sector. has a team of dedicated Product Specialists in the special effects division, who have been supplying and collaborating for years with the most prestigious and innovative productions and, above all, are able to choose and select the leading brands and manufacturers in the sector.



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