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Fiber Cables

Data transmission via fibre is now a widely used technology in the touring, broadcast and installation sectors. Optical fibre allows for an enormous quantity of signals and formats to be transmitted in a simple, fast and reliable way. Often, these signal-types can be numerous, with cable-runs covering considerable distances.

In order for the transmission to take place safely, it is necessary to rely on cables and connections of great quality and, above all, dedicated to a given specific use.

In the world of touring, cables are often stretched and re-wound over and over again. In doing so, they can be subjected to great mechanical stress due to intensive use, often in less than optimal weather conditions.

Our fibre cables are forged with the best extruded material, making them flexible, reliable and easy to handle. Additionally, you will find the Ribalto catalogue to hold a vast assortment of connectors - always well-constructed and reliable - to guarantee a secure and robust connection.

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