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Fog & Haze Effects

Fog effects have always been considered  very important in the world of entertainment because, in addition to the spectacular nature of the effect itself, they are also used on stages to increase the visibility of beams of light that would otherwise not be seen with the same intensity and clarity. The machines used to produce this effect basically work in one of two ways: by heating oils capable of generating smoke, which is non-toxic and odourless, or by vaporising water and glycol and glycerine. The effect can be of varying magnitudes and, depending on the consumable used, the cloud of fog produced can be more or less dense or more or less ethereal. In some cases, it is possible to produce a fog with a higher specific weight and which therefore tends to settle to the floor. Ribalto has a very diversified portfolio that includes inexpensive machines and very powerful machines, which can be controlled by remote or via DMX, but which always guarantee absolute quality and, above all, a very high safety level.

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