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Ribalto has selected Outline as a top brand specialised in offering high-tech products in the professional audio sector.

Outline is a reference Italian manufacturer in the international sound reinforcement industry, specialized in the construction of very high performance audio systems, innovative electronics for sound processing and measuring instruments which are now a worldwide standard. Located in Brescia, the company was founded by Guido Noselli, a young musician who in 1973 let himself be lulled by the irresistible idea of finding the best possible audio quality to offer to the public.
In fifty years of activity, Outline has several patents in the field of electro-acoustics applied to loudspeaker systems. The Butterfly, conceived in 2000, continues to influence loudspeaker designers around the world with its patented form factor, V-Power Baffle, capable of combining function with style in an exemplary way. Since its inception, line arrays are no longer the same. The D.P.R.W.G. parabolic double reflection waveguide, likewise, is among the few devices capable of projecting sound over very long distances with unmatched clarity and precision.
In 2005 Outline receives a new international Award when it launches COM.P.A.S.S. (COMpact Polar Adjustable Sound System), the first robotic loudspeaker in history, a system that can be controlled via the Internet by means of a web server that allows you to adjust the directivity of the sound on both H and V planes at the same time.
Finally, Outline reaches the highest levels in the processing domain, with particular reference to the development of Newton, an exclusive platform based on FPGA technology, the only one on the market capable of enclosing multiple functions related to signal processing in a single device audio, management of clock signals and interfaces for system integrators. With Newton, the workflow and operational efficiency of the PA manager drastically improves, together with the sound quality, the highest ever achieved in the industry.

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