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Ribalto has selected Pulse-Eight as a top brand specialised in offering high-tech products in the professional video and audio sector.

Pulse-Eight is an award-winning, industry-leading developer of video/audio distribution and control systems. In a world of mass-produced AV equipment, it stands out from the crowd by manufacturing each product in-house at its headquarters in Poole, UK.
Thanks to a carefully selected team of engineers and production workers, all products have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards. The research and development department is the pride of the company and is located above the factory. Within this department works a group of engineers who are passionate and experts in their field, all with diverse and valuable backgrounds.
Thanks to in-house manufacturing, Pulse-Eight has a unique ability to create products, implement updates and make software improvements. This also means being able to react to industry trends quickly, ensuring the best possible products for current installations.

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