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Ribalto has selected Saramonic as a top brand specialized in offering high-tech products in the professional audio sector.

Saramonic is a company known for its innovation, quality and value, which produces professional audio equipment dedicated to the world of video: microphones, audio adapters, portable recorders and much more. For Saramonic, audio quality is the line between good video and great video.
The company continuously develops innovative and affordable products to help videographers and content creators, at every experience level from advanced to professional, to produce content with the best audio possible. Saramonic products are feature-rich yet remarkably simple and intuitive to use.
The product line includes wired and wireless microphones for DSLR cameras and DV camcorders, as well as audio adapters for connecting professional audio recording equipment and microphones to DSLR cameras and camcorders to capture better sound quality.
Saramonic also manufactures equipment to enhance the audio quality for smartphone videos, as well as audio equipment for iOS lightning and Android Type C. A variety of audio accessories, such as lavalier microphones, connection cables, fur windscreens for outdoor microphones are all included in the catalog.

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