Ribalto has selected Sparkular as a top brand specialized in offering high-tech products in the professional entertainment and special effects sector.

Sparkular is a brand of SHOWVEN, a global special effects manufacturer. Driven by customer needs, SHOWVEN leverages advanced technologies to create spectacular scenic effects through its research and development team. The stringent quality control process - from product design and raw material sourcing to production and final testing - along with a consistent focus on user safety, allows Showven to fully meet its clients' needs. This commitment to quality and safety has positioned Showven as a reliable and innovative provider in the special effects industry. The Audio Effetti catalog includes the product Sparkular, the original and revolutionary "non-pyrotechnic" spark effect machine. In addition to this, the catalog also features machines for CO2 effects, flame effects, smoke, and low fog. This diverse range of special effects equipment caters to various needs in staging and entertainment, allowing for dynamic and visually stunning presentations while prioritizing safety and ease of use

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