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Ribalto has selected RGBlink as a top brand specialised in offering high-tech products in the professional video sector.

RGBlink is a world leader in the production of professional video equipment. It is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality video products for AV applications that make advanced video accessible to a wide range of markets.
RGBlink is constantly innovating its products bringing new features to support modern displays of all types. Investments in research and development, among the largest in the industry, constantly expand native video processing capabilities with a development approach that is based on consolidated capabilities, continuous research and deep collaboration with the semiconductor manufacturing industries. RGBlink products go beyond the usual features and constraints with hardware and software features that enable wide use. And many of these products are multi-modal, supporting a variety of applications and use cases on a common platform.
The catalog includes systems for LED walls managing, scalers, mixers, switchers, video processors, control surfaces, splitters, matrix switchers, converters, extenders, PTZ, SFP modules and monitors.

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