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Visual Productions - QuadCore

4-Universe architectural lighting controller

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The QuadCore is a compact form-factor lighting controller for (semi-)permanent installations, designed for architectural and architainment, show lighting, facade lighting, museums, churches, cruise ships, exhibition booths, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, discoteques, gardens and lounges. Part of the CueCore family, this unit is designed for heavy lighting projects such as pixel mapping. Intended for non-stop operation, the QuadCore has no moving parts; the unit is completely solid-state and achieves a remarkable level of reliability that allow lighting engineers to ‘fit and forget’ this stand-alone device.First of all the QuadCore is a lighting controller. It can playback lighting shows, static scenes and dynamic effects through its four DMX-512 universes. Featuring six independent playbacks, the QuadCore can handle lighting in multiple zones or challenging HTP/LTP requirements. Lighting shows designed on third-party consoles can be easily recorded inside the QuadCore. It also offers features to create seamless loops in your recording. Recording external shows can be through DMX, Art-Net or sACN. The autonomous behaviour of the QuadCore can be customised by flexible show-control programming. This functionality enables you to automate the show playback. You can define triggers based on any incoming protocol or scheduled time or day. Furthermore, you can convert signals from one protocols into another. The scalable design of the QuadCore allows for deployment in small and large projects. The autonomous operation of a single QuadCore is often sufficient for a small installation. Whereas a grid of multiple QuadCores, all networked together, meets the capacity required by large lighting systems. The QuadCore is fitted with a fluent master-slave protocol for synchronising multiple units.


The units are constructed without any moving part or forced cooling. Data is securely stored in onboard flash. Designed for maximum reliability.

Internal Clock

The internal clock is used for scheduling events based on time, date or weekday. NTP is supported for synchronising with an external server.


Multiple Cores can easily be used together. Only the master needs to have its triggers programmed, the slaves will follow in sync.

Ethernet-DMX node

The devices can also function as a 2- or 4-universe bi-directional Ethernet to DMX node. It supports Art-Net, sACN and KiNet.

DMX Merging

The QuadCore can merge incoming data from DMX, Art-Net and sACN. The merging behaviour can be determined by setting the HTP, LTP or Priority.

  • 4 x DMX-512 opto-isolated port (bi-directional)
  • Art-Net (in & out)
  • sACN (in & out)
  • KiNet (out)
  • TCP (in)
  • UDP & OSC (in & out)
  • Scheduling with Real-Time clock, weekdays and sunrise/sunset
  • NTP time synchronisation
  • Art-Net Time Code
  • Show Control function (connect any input to any output)
  • Master/slave protocol for synchronising multiple units
  • Compatible with Kiosc
  • Desktop or DIN Rail mounted
  • Optional 19'' rackmount adapter
  • Kensington lock
  • Locked power cable protection
  • PoE Class I
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