Installation & PA Systems

Installation & PA Systems

Installation & PA Systems is a sector of the professional audio world that refers to products for fixed installations and deals with conference and emergency audio systems (EN54-16 compliant Evacuation Systems). Public address systems are sometimes referred to as 100-volt speaker systems, distributed speaker systems; constant-voltage speaker systems or high-impedance speaker systems. This is because of the use of 100 V distribution lines (or 70 V in North America) with step-up and step-down transformers between the amplifiers and speakers to reduce power loss over the long cable runs in large installations. 100-volt systems make it easier to manage and install systems that have to distribute audio over large areas and are commonly used in airports, shopping centres, schools, churches, clubs, offices, car parks, sports facilities and wherever large numbers of speakers are needed for the diffusion of music or speech. can supply a complete range of products covering all kinds of market needs, such as flush mount wall speakers, rack-mount zone mixers, conference systems, ceiling speakers, multichannel amplifiers, gooseneck microphones and a complete and practical line of accessories. 


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